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The Burning Tree ES Adopt-an-Angel program is a meaningful and concrete way to share the blessings of your family with someone less fortunate, and is an easy way to
get your children involved in a charitable holiday project.  BTES families volunteer for the program and are matched with needy children in our area for the holiday season.
Burning Tree sponsor-families provide gifts such as toys, clothing, sporting equipment per wish-lists specifically made by the children in the program. Sponsor-Families can
request age and gender specific wish-lists that closely align to the ages of their children, in order to foster more excitement and connection for Burning Tree Students.

In 2016, Adopt-an-Angel started a new program called Literacy Angels, which allows children, while completing their wish-list, to request specific books, or at least specify a genre and age group of books they are interested in. This new Literacy Angel program runs parallel with the Burning Tree Book Fair. BT parents can donate books purchased
at the BT Book Fair to specific Literacy Angel Book Baskets. This program was very well received and was a win-win, with the purchase of the books donated benefiting
Burning Tree directly, and the Literacy Angel Program.

2019 Adopt-an-Angel Program STATS:
  • We supported 87 traditional angels
  • 26 literacy angels
  • 24 teen gift cards 
  • 54 Burning Tree Student Families and Staff Members participated.
Emails and notices to join the Adopt-an-Angel and Literacy Angel program generally go out via AtoZ Connect and the PTA Facebook Page in early November, with wish-lists
becoming available to sponsor families right after Thanksgiving Break.

If you have any questions about the program or want more information, please contact
Leslie Johnson