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Through Adopt-an-Angel BTES families may volunteer to “adopt” a child and purchase holiday gifts. Local charitable organizations identify the children and teens in need, who live in our neighboring communities. It is a meaningful and concrete way to share your blessings with someone less fortunate, and an easy way to get your children involved in a charitable holiday project.

In 2016 Adopt-an-Angel started a new program called Literacy Angels, which allows children to request specific books or specify a genre and age group of books they are interested in. This new Literacy Angel program runs parallel with our school’s Book Fair. BT parents can donate books purchased at the BT Book Fair to specific Literacy Angel

2016 Adopt-an-Angel Program STATS:
  • 51 Adopt-an-Angels sponsored
  • 47 Literacy Angels sponsored
  • 53 Burning Tree staff and families participated
Dates: December, 2017

If you have any questions, please contact Daphne O’Brien at