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For our Burning Tree PTA to support all that it does throughout the year, we have a fundraising goal of $80,000 for the 2019-2020 school year. With a student body of about 500 children we need to raise approximately $160 per child. Importantly, this means that we contribute $160 worth of staff training, classroom resources, media and technology, and school-wide opportunities that enrich the educational experiences of all children!

There are many ways to give to the PTA, however the direct donation campaign is vital to our efforts. The easiest and quickest way to donate is to give a direct donation at the beginning of the year. The PTA has made donating easier this year by using AtoZ for all payments, which offers payment through Paypal and credit card. Simply log in to the AtoZ account you created when you joined the PTA and confirmed your information for our School Directory. If you prefer, you can also write a check payable to Burning Tree PTA and send directly to school to the attention of Katy Greenberg, VP of Fundraising.

If you prefer not to make a direct donation, there are many other ways to donate throughout the year. PTA Membership, Boosterthon, Spring Auction, Flex Academies, Dine-outs, Shop for School, Spirit Shop and Book Fair all offer you a variety of fun and educational options. Please take a minute to read more about each program in our website’s Fundraising tab.

Burning Tree PTA is a 501(c)(3) organization so direct donations are tax deductible.

Questions? Please reach out to our VP of Fundraising, Deb Povinelli at