Additional Resources for Parents and Students

Resources For Parents

Montgomery County Public Schools
The Montgomery County Public Schools website has everything you want andneed to know about MCPS. It has information on all the schools (ES, MS and HS), the administration, the community etc, and a hugeamount of information for parents, students and staff.

How to Improve Student Performance - The US Department of Education
The US Department of Education's guide for preschool teachers and child care and family providers, with resources for students, parents, teachers and administrators.

The Parent Academy
The Montgomery County public schools offer workshops on many topics, e.g. Active Communication Skills for Parents; Learn how to develop emotional intelligence in young children to increase social and academic readiness; ESOL Programs and Services for Students and Families; Bullying Prevention; Gifted and Talented (GT) Programs; Helping Your Child Get the Most Out of Homework; Many computer classes (EXEL, WORD, PP); Power of Positive Discipline; Student Rights and Responsibilities; Transitioning to Middle School and High School; Understanding ADHD in Children; Understanding the Maryland School Assessment (MSA); What is a 504 Plan?; and many more.

YMCA Youth and Family Services - Parenting ProgramsThe YMCA offers parenting programs in both English and Spanish. Topics include Improving Communication Skills for Couples; The Magic of Rituals and Routines; Sibling Rivalry: Winner-Loser, Bully-Underdog; Challenging the Consumer-driven culture; Family Anger Issues; Communicating Success to Children and Parenting Teens.

Language assistance
Many Burning Tree parents offer help with various languages.

Found a website other parents should know about? Please e-mail the PTA webmaster.

Resources For Students

Student Resources on the Web contains websites that may assist in research at home or at school. Below, under Online References you will find links to websites that mirror standard reference sources (dictionaries, encyclopedias etc.) Under General Information you will find links to Search engines specifically designed for kids. Under Math Practice you will find links to all kinds of fun math pages. There are links to sites that are great Children's Literature Information and interesting Science Sites. All other sites are mentioned because they are kid appropriate and can be used for Learning or Fun.

Online References
An online thesaurus, dictionary and encyclopedia.

Merriam-Webster Word Central
Younger Humanoids can search a dictionairy and/or a thesaurus. If a word is misspelled, Merriam provides a list of similar words. Also offers games and a daily buzzword.

General Information
Ask Jeeves for Kids
Fast, easy way to find answers to questions. Simply type in a question, and Jeeves sends back related questions. Choose the best question for your needs. Knowledgebase results are carefully reviewed by a content editor, and Metasearch results are filtered by SurfWatch.

KidsClick! Web Search for Kids by Librarians
A search directory with subjects ranging from Home & Household to Weird & Mysterious. KidsClick! purpose is to guide young users to valuable and age-appropriate sites. Sites gathered by librarians.

Kidspace@ The Internet Public Library
Intended for children ages 4 - 11. Offers a wealth of information on Health, Art, Music, Sport, Recreation, Our World, Computers and Internet, Math and Science and a lot of plain fun stuff. Added bonus is the excellent resource page for parents and teachers.

The Ultimate Vocabulary Resource Guide
Tools for teachers and parents looking for strategies to help students excel. There are activities specifically for ESL learners, and others made for advanced English students. You’ll also find test preparation materials, skill-building quizzes, and dozens more ways to boost your English vocabulary IQ.

Math practice
Baseball Math
Math games for one or two players. You can practice additions, substraction, multiplication and divisions, and you get to choose the level of difficulty. Baseball Math is developed by FunBrain, which also offers games for reading.

AAA Math
AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.
Flashcards for Math
Design them yourself flashcards. Decide what you'd like to practice (addition, substraction, multiplication or division), set the level of difficulty, the number size and whether you'd like to include decimals, and the program comes up with a set of flashcards!

Interactive Mathematics (Pre K - 12)
The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives designed this math practice program, for grades PreK through grade 12.

Children's Literature / Learning to Read Information
Children's Literature Web Guide
A very elaborate set of links related to books for children and young adults. It offers quick references, discussion boards, and a wealth of resources for teachers, parents, writers and illustrators etc.

Authors and Illustrators on the Web
The Children's Literature Web Guide offers links to websites of authors and illustrators.

Folklore, Myth and Legend
Offers the stories and folklore reference sources.

Star Fall
Teachers around the world use as a way to make the classroom more fun and inspire a love of reading and writing. Parents use Starfall to prepare their children for school, and to support them once they are there. Primarily designed for first grade, Starfall is also useful for pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and second grade.

Science Sites
Wacky Dan the Weather Man
Learn about everything weather related from Channel 19's Chief Meteorologist Dan Satterfield. He put these pages together for Kids between 6 and 16 years old and for their Parents and Teachers, too!

The Electronic Zoo
Select an animal from the pick list and you will find a link to information about your animal! The Electronic Zoo also offers a lot of images and sounds.

**Energy Quest**
Energy Quest is the award-winning energy education website of the California Energy Commission. Energy Quest will answer your questions and spur creativity and imagination. But most of all it is fun!

Inventors and inventions
Links to some basic information and fun facts about inventors and inventions.

For Learning for Fun
The Exploratorium
The Exploratorium is a museum of science, art, and human perception located in San Francisco, California. Online since 1993, the Exploratorium was one of the first science museums to build a site on the World Wide Web. Included in the award-winning site are more than 18 thousand Web pages and many sound and video files, exploring hundreds of different topics. The Exploratorium's Web site is designed to extend the kinds of experiences our visitors have beyond the museum's floor. Many of the resources on the site are examples of very simple uses of information technology, but thoughtfully implemented. For example, the site contains instructions for over 500 simple experiments!

A lot of excellent work has been done by planetary scientists to bring you the best information about the planets and the latest pictures from space missions. This set of links will take you to whatever solar system tour you would like. Any of them will give you an excellent presentation.

Discovery Kids
Information on the Discovery Kids Channel with show times, a TV schedule, and games. You will also be able to watch videos, and for PreK and K kids there is a link to Paz's Place, where you can play fun games.

Found a website other parents should know about? Please e-mail the webmaster

General Information and Helpful Phone Numbers

Emergency and Early Closing Information
MCPS Newsline: (301) 279-3673
Radio: WMAL 630 AM, WRC 980 AM
Television: Channels 4, 7, 8, 9, 24, 27, 29, 52

Bar-T Kids Club : before and after-school care, located at Burning Tree
Burning Tree location: (301) 320-8544
Main Office: (301) 948-3172

Montgomery County Board of Education (BOE)President: Michael A. Durso
Vice President: Judith Docca
Carver Educational Services Center
850 Hungerford Drive, Room 123
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 279-3617 and fax: (301) 279-3860E-Mail:
(Note: All e-mails and letters will automatically be shared with the entire board.)

Superintendent of Schools
Dr. Jack Smith
Carver Educational Services Center
850 Hungerford Drive, Room 122
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (301) 279-3381 or fax: (301) 279-3205
General Info: (301) 279-3391

Montgomery County Council Of Parent Teacher Associations (MCCPTA)
Phone: (301) 208-0111

Montgomery County Council
100 Maryland Avenue
Rockville, MD 20850
Phone: (240) 777-7900 or 24-hour Comment Line: (240) 777-7999. TTY: (240) 777-7914
(Note: All e-mails and letters will automatically be copied to all Council members)
Persons wishing to speak at any advertised public hearing may sign up to testify by calling (240) 777-7931
Council President: Marilyn Praisner
Council Vice President: Mike Knapp

Council Members Serving on the Education Committee
Craig Rice, District 2
Marc Elrich, At-Large
Nancy Navarro, District 4
Bethesda is in District 1, served by Roger Berliner

Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)
850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
On the web:
Community Use of Schools (240) 777-2706
Curriculum & Instruction (301) 279-3411
ESOL (301) 230-0670Information Office (301) 279-3391
Magnet Programs (301) 279-3163
One-Stop Call Center (301) 309-6277
Safe School Hotline (301) 517-5995
School Announcements (301) 279-3673
Special Education (301) 279-3135
Student & Community Services (301) 279-3604
TDD (301) 279-3323
Transportation (Central) (301) 840-8130 1400s Bus Routes: Walt Whitman Cluster
Mrs. Elizabeth Embry, Transportation Cluster Manager
(301) 469-1073