BTNet Listserv
BTNET is an e-mail network sponsored by the Burning Tree PTA. You must have a child enrolled at Burning Tree or be a staff member to subscribe. The Burning Tree community is connected by this e-mail network, which disseminates information among parents and staff. BTNet is not intended for exchange among students, and students may not use the network.
The purpose of this network is to provide up-to-date information relating to PTA business, school affairs, or educational advocacy issues. Typical content appropriate for BTNet would be announcements and reminders of events and meetings, requests for volunteers, and inclement weather closings and cancellations. In addition, the principal's newsletter, By Leaps and Bounds, and important school notices are posted on BTNet. Note that the BTNet network is monitored by a moderating committee to ensure its proper use. Messages sent to BTNet will be posted within 24 hours. Individuals sending e-mails outside the stated use of BTNet will be contacted by the moderators with a request to find an alternate means to distribute the information.
Please note that there is a Burning Tree Community Update published each week on BTNet for providing information on topics that are NOT appropriate for BTNet; such as tutors, child care, community performances, vacancies on sports teams, lost items, etc. Please email Kate Smith directly at to post an announcement on the Community Update.

Subscribing to and Using BTNet:
To sign up for BTNet, send an email to Alternatively you can subscribe to BTNet by contacting our BTNet Administrator, Lauren Robin, at

To unsubscribe from BTNet, send a message to
Inclusion of your e-mail address in the Directory does NOT automatically subscribe you to the BTNet list.

General Guidelines for using BTNet are as follows:
  • To send an e-mail to the entire list, address it to Please note that only subscribers may send a message to the list. In addition, if your message to the list originates from an e-mail address that is different from the address under which you originally subscribed, your message will be rejected.
  • Please identify yourself and your subject in any e-mail you send within the community.
  • Please limit your reply to "sender" ONLY when responding to an individual who originated a message. Please do not hit “reply all” as BTNet is NOT a forum for group conversation. Most replies are best directed to a particular individual such as the chair of a committee who is recruiting volunteers. Our list is set to reply to the individual sender if you select the "reply" option.
  • BTNET is not a forum for "discussing" specific parents, students or staff members. Personal attacks, hostile remarks, and foul language are not appropriate and are not permitted on the network. Also, MCCPTA Bylaws require that messages not relate to the endorsement of or opposition to any specific candidate for public office. The system will be monitored to ensure its proper use. Anyone who does not adhere to these guidelines will be deleted as a subscriber.