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Burning Tree Elementary School
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School Policies & Parent Tips
Communicating with the School Office
Ms. Mariam Jamgochian, the Principal's secretary, can assist you with questions about the school, calendar clarifications, requests for appointments with our principal, Dr. Lewis, our assistant principal, Mr. Bellagamba, or any other school concerns. Her e-mail address is You may also call her at 301-320-6510.

When Visiting Burning Tree, Please:

1. Enter and exit by the main door
In order to ensure the safety of our children, the Main Office must be able to monitor who enters the school building at all times. In order to do this, all visitors must enter through the main door -- even whenit is inconvenient. IT IS A SAFETY NECESSITY! All other doors will be locked.

2. Sign in and out
Please sign IN and OUT at the Main Office each time you enter the school. A visitors log is conveniently located on the credenza just inside the Main Office Door. By signing in/out you ensure that we will have accurate information about who is in the building in case of emergency.

3. Always wear a guest identification badge
You must always wear an Identification Badge to identify yourself as a welcome visitor. This badge indicates to our teachers, support staff and to our children that you have permission to be in the building.

4. Never park around the circular drive or by yellow curbs
Parking on the circular drive or by yellow curbs is prohibited by the Fire Marshall at all times, including days and hours that school is not in session. Please park only in the spaces designated for VISITORS or in the area adjacent to the Burning Tree playing fields. Please do not park in spots designated for staff at any time.

5. Do not enter classrooms during the school day (unless volunteering or for a pre-arranged event such as a birthday).
Please do not enter any classroom during the school day even if it is only to pick up your child for a doctor's appointment or to deliver a forgotten lunch. Any such classroom entry -- no matter how brief -- interferes with class instruction. Parents should enter the Main Office ONLY and ask the administrative staff for assistance.

6. Save the school phone for emergency use only
Please discourage your child from using the school phone, located in the lobby outside the main office, to call home during the day EXCEPT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY. Children are not permitted to call home from school to arrange play dates. All play date arrangements must be made before or after school.

Community Connections

Burning Tree Community Update
The messages on the BT Community Update are considered "unofficial", and therefore not suitable for regular BTNet posts. The ads, businesses, etc., represented in these messages are not necessarily endorsed or approved by the school or the PTA. Anyone wishing to publish information in the next BTNet Community Update should contact Kate Smith at

Thomas W. Pyle Middle School
6311 Wilson Lane
Bethesda MD 20817
(301) 320 6540

7100 Whittier Blvd
Bethesda MD 20817
(301) 320 6600

The Neighborhood Services Exchange
The Neighborhood Services Exchange is a voluntary service focused on, but not limited to, the approximately 550 households in the area circumscribed by River Road, Beech Tree Road, Wilson Lane, and Maryknoll, and including offshoots such as Frenchman’s Creek and several Courts. All our neighbors are invited to receive this newsletter by contacting Jane Coe at

Community Bulletin Board for residents of West Bethesda, Glen Echo and Cabin John. 20817BB allows posting of messages such as may be found on a laundromat or library bulletin board. Availability of or the need for household help, yard work, child care, babysitters, or recommendations for carpenters, plumbers, music teachers, or camps are examples of appropriate postings. Twice each calendar year members having their own business, professionals, services or sale of goods, are welcome to post information about their business. To subscribe, click here.