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Burning Tree Science Fair Wednesday, April 1, 2020!


What is the Science Fair?

What are display boards and how can I order one?

Science Fair Rules and Guidelines

Schedule of Events

Is the Science Fair mandatory?

How does my child enter and when is the deadline?

How do I come up with a good project?

How can I help?

More Questions?

What is the Science Fair?
The Science Fair is an elective, fun, non-competitive way for our students to explore the world around them. It gives them a chance to pose a question that interests them, gather date and draw conclusions. The students will then display their work at school and share their experiences with the Burning Tree community. 

On the morning of the Science Fair, we invite parents and members of the Washington Academy of Sciences to “officiate.” Our young scientists present their projects to the Officials and answer any questions about their projects. 

Later that day, all classes will have an opportunity to view the students’ projects. Families are also welcome to attend at this time. 

Finally, in the evening we invite everyone for Family Night! Parents and friends are welcome to come and see the wonderful projects our young scientists created.

What are display boards and how do I order one?
Display boards are tri-fold cardboard displays and measure 24”h x 48”w. Proceeds from the sale of the board help fund the Science Fair so please consider ordering one! Each board costs $5 (including tax) and will be delivered to your child’s classroom. Additional deliveries may be available. Please fill out the order form and send them in with payment (cash or check made out to Burning Tree PTA) in an envelope marked “Science Fair Show Board.”
Science Fair Rules and Guidelines
We try to keep rules to a minimum but here are a few important guidelines:
  1. Put your name, grade and teacher’s name on your show board and each piece of equipment. Also, science is a collaborative field. Please use a small portion of your display to thank those individuals who helped you.
  2. If you plan on using animals in your project, you MUST contact the Science Fair Committee (Mark Lewandowski or Lauren Robin approval before you begin your project.
  3. No posters can be hung. Self-standing displays only. 
  4. Fragile items break! Although every attempt is made to have students handle your project gently, your project will be viewed by hundreds of interested people. Also keep this in mind if using iPads or other devices. 
  5. No open flames.
  6. Electrical outlets are very limited so please consider using batteries. Contact us if you need an outlet. 
  7. We encourage you to use small show boards (24”h x 48”w) in order to accommodate all of our projects in the APR. 
  8. Want to do a group project? Great! We find that groups no larger than 3 students work best.
  9. Change your mind about your project? No worries. Please send an email to if you want to change your project.
  10. Deliver your project to the APR on Tuesday, February 26 between 5:30-7:30.
  11. Don’t forget emergency or back-up supplies! Many people will view your project and want demonstration. Be prepared with extra “ingredients” such as batteries, light bulbs, etc as well as tape and tools for quick repairs.
  12. Practice your oral presentation for your morning talk with the Science Fair Officials. Be prepared to tell why you chose your project, show how it works and explain it.
  13. Family Night at the Science Fair is crowded! Consider coming to view the projects between 11am and 3pm to avoid the rush. Young children are certainly welcome during the afternoon and Family Night but PLEASE, no strollers in the APR during Family Night.
  14. All projects MUST be taken home at the end of Family Night! The APR must be completely cleared of all projects by the end of the night and we have no place to store projects.
  15. HAVE FUN!
Schedule of Events
Tuesday, March 31st - 5:30-7:30 pm
Students are invited to deliver their Science Fair Projects to the All-Purpose Room

Wednesday April 1st
  • 9:15am-11am
    • Each Science Fair participant will have a turn to present his or her project to a Science Fair Official.
  • 11am-3pm
    • Classes will visit the Science Fair. Families may also attend at this time.
  • 6:30-8pm
    • Family Night at the Science Fair! Families are invited to come and look at all the wonderful projects.
  • 8pm
    • All projects must be taken home.

Is the Science Fair mandatory?
Other than 5th graders, no one is required to enter the Science Fair but since it’s non-competitive, everyone who enters is a winner! Fifth graders: please contact your teacher directly regarding any questions you may have.

How does my child enter and when is the deadline?
In an ongoing effort to be “green,” we ask all entry forms to be completed online. The deadline is Sunday, February 24th.

How do I come up with a good project?
First, think of a topic that interests you. Then, come up with a specific question that the project
will try to answer. Try to come up with a project idea that requires an experiment to the question. For example:

Topic: Food
Question: Do different colored hard candies dissolve at the same rate?

How can I help?
We are glad you asked!

Parents: Please consider being a Science Fair Official on February 27th from 9:15-11am. We also need parents to help with set-up and clean up. 

SSL Volunteers: We love them! 

More Questions?
Contact our Science Fair Committee

Mark Lewandowski