Stay Informed

There are many ways to stay informed and connected with the Burning Tree community. Please engage with the PTA and school to learn about events, activities, and announcements. 

Burning Tree PTA Website

You’re here! We’re glad that you found our new and improved website. This is a PTA-run website serving as the hub for essential school information, including timely updates on activities and events, how to join and donate to the PTA, and essential links and information for our community. 


BTNet is a Yahoo group email listserv sponsored and administered by the PTA with timely information on school and PTA activities and events. This is the #1 way for parents to receive updates from the school administration and the PTA. To sign up to receive BTNet emails please click here.


The Burning Tree PTA has a closed Facebook page available only to members of our school community. It is used to provide information on upcoming events and are pictures from recent events. It also serves as chat for NEW and current parents to post questions about sports teams, sign-ups, community resources, etc. Please visit our page to join!

Bulletin Boards

Fun and informative displays of PTA information is posted on the PTA bulletin board. It is located on the left as you walk through our school lobby, with a purpose to share our goals, fundraising progress, upcoming calendar items, and examples of the PTA in action.