Welcome to the PTA of Burning Tree Elementary School! 

The new school year is upon us and we are eager to experience another wonderful year with our BT school community. The PTA has been hard at work over the summer, updating our website and your Back-to-School Toolkit, and doing all the behind-the-scenes work needed to plan and execute the dozens of amazing PTA programs and activities that make our school so special.

Please click on the Back-to-School Toolkit in the Quick Links to the left to find all the information you need to start the year off successfully. Also, take a few minutes to explore our site and learn more about the meaningful impact our work and funding has on your child's daily educational experience. Finally, click the Join, Volunteer, Donate and Stay Informed buttons to begin making a difference today.

We wish you all a fantastic school year and look forward to seeing you at a PTA meeting soon!


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